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                                                  About SFBC
                                                  News & Seminar

                                                      Founded in August 2011, Synthetic and Functional Biomolecules Center (SFBC) is an interdisciplinary institute at Peking University that aims to promote collaborative research at the interface of chemistry and life sciences.

                                                        The initial research directions in SFBC will focus on the following areas: 1) Epigenetics, 2) Protein chemistry  and  protein evolution, 3) glycobiology, and 4) Synthetic biology. Currently SFBC has 8 faculty members, including a Cheung Kong Lecture Professor, five professors, two associate professors. Members in SFBC have published their work in top-tier journals or magazines including Nature, Cell, Nature Chemical Biology, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. and J. Am. Chem. Soc.

                                                         We are dedicated to build a world-leading research center that applies chemistry tools and chemical knowledge to explore fundamental biological questions that will ultimately lead to a deep understanding of various life processes and human diseases.

                                                  The University of Chicago-Peking University (PKU) Joint Meeting, Beijing, 2013 08-26
                                                  【SFBC Lecture】Chemoenzymatic Synthesis and Functional Studies of Glycoproteins 07-01
                                                  【SFBC Lecture】Alpha1,6-Fucosylation and Its Relationship with Disease 06-16
                                                  【SFBC Lecture】Two Lectures On Chemicobiology 06-12
                                                  The Third Annual Symposium of SFBC, Peking University, 2013 06-09
                                                  【SFBC Lecture】Chemical Approaches to Sorting Out Protein Acetylation 06-05
                                                  【SFBC Lecture】Polymer Nanostructures that Direct Biological Function 06-01
                                                  Chuan He
                                                  Peng Chen
                                                  Xing Chen
                                                  Xiaoguang Lei
                                                  Xiaoyun Liu
                                                  Chu Wang
                                                  Chengqi Yi
                                                  Jian Lin
                                                  Guifang jia
                                                  Xiangli Hu
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